Chiropractic Works…I am pain free!

"I wish I had tried Chiropractic before I had back surgery. In 1995, I was diagnosed with two herniated discs in my lower back. The doctors recommended physical therapy, epidurals and nothing worked. Finally, after I had lost all feeling from the waist down, they decided to operate. They removed the two discs and I felt better for a while, even though, I had lost all feeling in my right foot, there was no pain. Eight weeks after surgery, I had a relapse. Determined to not go through the agonizing surgery and recovery period again, I heard about Dr. Ken from a friend of mine (who's kid was getting care) and I decided to try it. Two weeks after setting foot in Dr. Ken’s office I was back on my feet and feeling great. I have been pain free for nearly seven years. Chiropractic has even returned some of the feeling in my right foot. My advice is; if you have been told, surgery is your only option, give Dr. Ken a try first. You will be glad you did. Now and always a patient."