Chiropractic Atlanta – Bruce Lee and Chiropractic

When considering going to a chiropractor, many visualize a Bruce Lee movie.

This is far from the truth. Chiropractors are highly trained to safely provide an adjustment to the spine.  The unique and specific goal of the chiropractor is to remove the interference between the brain-body communication networks. This interference is called a subluxation. When corrected, pressure is removed, allowing the body to communicate better and heal itself. And there are many ways to do it and some methods are gentler than others. Depending on the patient, some techniques can be more affective for different body types and health conditions. Therefore, it is vital to have a complete chiropractic exam to determine which type is best for you.

Many things can influence the type of chiropractic care you may receive and because most doctors of chiropractic know many techniques, you can often let the doctor know if there is a method you prefer; making your visit to the chiropractor even more enjoyable. We are open to your suggestions and at our Chiropractic Atlanta office we use a method to assess your ability to function optimally and determine the most efficient way to help you. We are at your service.

The doctor may have been exposed to and enjoy techniques for children, for elderly, for athletes or for accident victims. Sometimes the technique used is the one they personally benefited from the most.

My goal was to learn 10 different ways to adjust a spinal segment. My personal technique combines everything I have learned. I call it the “Dr. Weil Technique.”

Generally, there are three basic categories of spinal adjustments. Each of these categories can be applied in many ways.

The first is a very common approach called “osseous” adjusting. This is when you hear the popping noise. Even with this procedure there are many variations because the vertebral segment can be adjusted from many different positions and angles. The chiropractors training and experience defines the success of the correction.

Another category is “light touch” adjusting. These techniques are more focused on the tone of the muscles. They are also appreciated by the high strung, the elderly and the kids. Often the adjustment is done using the amount of pressure to test a peach for ripeness.

The next type of adjusting involves mechanical instruments. Instrument adjusting can have many advantages that include, accuracy of force applied and repeatability. These techniques can lack that special something that can only be transmitted from human touch.

Aside from feeling better, a follow-up protocol is the only way to determine what has and will continue to work best for you. Our Chiropractic Atlanta office uses an advanced abstract functional assessment score to track your improvement. Call our office for your check-up today.  404-350-8000

We look forward to helping you.

To summarize, be sure to choose your doctor wisely. Use someone who does a complete chiropractic exam and has a method to follow-up with your improved function.

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