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Hey mama, or mama-to-be!

I started Mom Loves Best to help other mothers like me who are struggling to do their best but feel totally overwhelmed at times.

Whether you’re pregnant, taking care of your newborn, or interested in becoming a more well-rounded parent, you’ll find resources here to help. Why don’t you get started with some of our most popular posts below? And don’t forget to say hi!



Breech Baby Position Changed

Commonly a breech presentation leads to a c-section delivery. Many obstetricians are not comfortable with breech delivery. A mom 35 weeks into her pregnancy, came into my office wondering if there was anything that could be done to help her. She was told by her midwife that she was breech. Having experience in the Webster Procedure for pelvic stabilization, I accepted her as a patient and started her with very specific and gentle adjustments of her sacrum and pelvis. After two weeks of daily care, the baby was correctly positioned. This was verified by the midwife and she was able to have a true normal birth. If you or someone you know is concerned about the position of their baby, please don’t hesitate to call. (404)350-8000. I would love to help.

Changing Your Mental State

Dr Weil, Chiropractor, Atlanta, Georgia, Buckhead, Georgia Tech, Healing, CaringChanging your Paradigm or Mental State of Being:

You are in charge of you mental state!

Here is an exercise.
Think of a time when you were wonderfully happy. Now ask yourself… how was I breathing at the time? What was my facial expression? Was I smiling, laughing, screaming, or maybe confidently smirking? What was my posture like? Was it slouched or straight? Was I excited? How was I moving? Was I bouncing on my toes? What were my eyes focused on? Were they laser focused or darting around? Take note of these things.

NOW… when you are down and out, change your PHYSICAL states to the same things you noticed when you were happy. You can’t be sad or depressed and have all of those physical expressions.

So, smile, stand tall, breath faster, get excited, now notice how you feel, and do this until it becomes a habit.