First Visit


You will always feel welcome at Chiropractic Works Health Center so, make yourself at home.

As you enter, you will be greeted with a big smile and made to feel comfortable. We know many of you will be coming into our office in pain and we feel for you. We care and will be very attentive to your condition. One thing you will immediately notice is the kid’s toys and the children being adjusted. You may wonder why that is?

Everyone should have the opportunity to function at optimal levels, even children. Our mission is to help people regain their health through excellent specific chiropractic care, especially children. Think about it… How many times does a child fall down? When my son was five, he fell because falling was fun! So, don’t be surprised to see families getting care.


We have tea and water for your pleasure and when you finish the “paper-fun,” you will be given a tour of the office, this is when we proudly show you our family tree and patient testimonials. Don’t worry we will not waste your time. You will then be led to the investigation room where the doctor will explore how we can help you.

We Explain Everything First

The consultation and examination can be eye opening, or if you are familiar with chiropractic, just reassuring. We explain everything and answer all your questions as we go, to make you feel comfortable. Our patients appreciate that we explain everything in advance.

Take a look to see what you can expect during your second visit.


What Our Patients Say

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