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Recently in an accident? Have an old sports injury? Overdo it at work causing extra wear and tear? 

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Atlanta’s Premier Chiropractic Care Services

At Kilpatrick Chiro, we provide top quality Chiropractic Care and Massage Therapy services to the greater Atlanta, Georgia area. Let us help relieve your pain today. We practice full body, corrective treatment for all ages, including seniors, expectant mothers and children. We utilize all common adjustment techniques, including roller tables, and specialize in treating migraines, sinuses and extremities.

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“This has been a great experience. I have brought multiple family members in because of the professionalism and service. The price is unbeatable and there has been significant improvement in our health. Initially it's a little scary going to a chiropractor, but once we started there wasn't anything to be afraid of. He really knows his stuff. After years of discomfort, I can literally breathe easier and the pain has gone away.”

Gurpreet G.

“Both my wife Jackie and I go regularly because of the world class service and personal recognition from the walk in, to the treatment from Dr. K, and the complete understanding he has of our personal conditions, level of health, and his expert methodologies.”

Darryl P.

“Dr. Kilpatrick is a life saver!!! Been suffering for 2 years with lower back pain. This morning I could barely put my socks on, After I left I'm touching my toes, I haven't done that in years. If you were skeptical like me and exhausted all other treatments just come and see him you will not be disappointed. Did I mention I drove an hour just to see him. thanks again dr. I'll see you on Monday.”

Chris C.

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